With our partnership with Festo we as HMF Technologies can assist with on the job training and classroom training. Festo  is the world’s leading supplier of automation technology and the market leader in technical education. They combine versatile training competence with in-depth manufacturing expertise. Their training and consulting solutions combine the best of both worlds and enable them to offer courses founded on ‘industrial DNA’. Our objectives: to enable you to maximize your productivity and competitiveness by supporting your employees so they can perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Their courses range from the fundamentals of technology to skills development for digital transformation.


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Range of courses

Successful participation is confirmed by a certificate as only actions are proof of competence. Our courses are centered on the development of skills required for specific jobs. The focus is on the core elements of the (automation) industry: technology, organization and people.

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Onsite Support and Long-Term Relationships

Our highly qualified and experienced team will assist you with any problem. Onsite assistance and training is part of HMF Technologies value adding benefits. In addition to providing world leading process instrumentation products to South African industry, we also have a comprehensive service offering. Our policy at HMF Technologies is to build long-term relationships with our clients, where we provide the services and solutions you need today and long into the future. To discuss your training requirements with a member of our expert team, please call us on +017 687 1915